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Painting in the nature - nothing stands between me and the motif - there`s no template. Only the eye and the hand, glistening sun, welding beads on the skin and the smell of Autan, whithout its protection the insects at the waters would like to suck the blood out of my body.
Painting in the city - people go by and look curiously at the emerging painting, some of them stop and talk to me. They are friendly interestet in my work and take selfies with me. Especially, if a painting is close to completion I get positive comments, that give me a good feeling of confirmation.
Pleinair Painting happens without technical aids - there`s no grid to transfer the motif, only the feel, the logic and the eye consider what happens. Also the tight measured time and continuously changing lights determine on which position I go on with the work and where there´s still something to work out. Mainly I keep the colour natural and try to reflect my colour perception as directly as possible.

Karlsruhe, Schlosspark
Frankfurt, Mainpromenade

Soon available as hardcover and e-book...

Following the traces of Thomas Mann I travelled to Munich and Venice for my diploma thesis and made a two-by-two-metre wheel object. The individual stratifications of ideas on which the novel "Death in Venice" is based, I transfered for this experimental object into a pictorial language.

"Frank Hennings interpretation of "Death in Venice", written by Thomas Mann in 1911, shows impressively the artistic confrontation with literature and wants to enable a closer look at the beauty of this work."

"An eye-catcher of the exhibition..."
Nadine Quadt, Bonner Generalanzeiger